Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Botany and Birding

We have been busy almost every weekend since we've returned to Florida, exploring the parks and forests in the area. This past weekend was no exception. On Saturday we joined the Sweet Bay Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society in a field trip to Torreya State Park, led by well known botanist, Gil Nelson. Torreya State Park is named after the Torreya tree, an endangered species, threatened by a fungal disease. This unique tree can only be found on the slopes along the Apalachicola River. There are efforts to recover this species, however, it has not been determined where the fungus came from or how we can stop it from spreading. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens have been successfully growing torreya trees in hopes of eventually reestablishing populations in areas where they have disappeared. If you visit Torreya State Park you can see "captive" Torreya trees growing at the Gregory House. The park is a beautiful place any time of year, but the fall is especially captivating as the leaves are changing on the slopes along the Apalachicola.

Gil Nelson teaching the group about Florida's
native plants at Torreya State Park.
Below is a partial list of the speices we found:

Site lists for areas of interest in the Panhandle can be found on Gil Nelson's website. Overall it was a very productive trip with 20-30 participants taking part.

Green anoles were in abundance on the forest floor, and I found a Florida redbelly snake (Storeria occipitomaculata obscura) in the leaf litter. One of the other nature enthusiasts, Robin, spotted a grizzled mantis climbing up a tree. Fungi were also abundant and I’ve done my best to identify those we saw. If you notice a mislabeled species or one without a label, please feel free to contact us if you know what it is! Although I am learning, I am by no means a botanist, and your input is appreciated. We strive to provide
accurate, educational information.

After the field trip to Torreya we headed down towards Lake Powell where a group of friends were having an appetizer cook off and bonfire; a great way to wind down at the end of a long day in the woods!

The next morning we left Lake Powell early to make it back to Florida Caverns State Park in time for a bird walk at 9 am. The bird activity was pretty minimal so we didn’t see much to note, but it was a great way to spend a Sunday morning. What a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Notecards and Coupons

You can now purchase our handmade notecards (set of 12) directly through our website. Select up to 12 images to add to your cart and select the "Hand-made Notecards" when purchasing. And from now until the end of the year you can save 10% on all notecard and digital download purchases! Just enter "10%FPPcards" as the coupon code.

Hand-made notecards by Fingerprince Prints. Card and envelope
colors may vary.

We are doing some gallery reorganizing and are still in the process of syncing all of our galleries with Flickr. We will also have new photos coming soon, including a flatwoods salamander that Matt encountered crossing a road this fall. Now is the time for amphibians! Happy herping :)


Monday, November 15, 2010

FPP Update

Hey folks!

Fingerprince Prints is back in North Florida! Matt is currently working for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) as a private lands biologist out of Marianna, and I am still unemployed, looking for work in the area. Fortunately, this has given me ample time to update the website and make a few changes. We now have a flickr account in addition to our original galleries on Zenfolio. We have added this new account in hopes of reaching the audience of the flickr community. All new images will be added to both sites; however, purchasing can only be done through the original galleries. We have lowered our prices on all of our prints and some of the gifts (calendars, keychains, etc.) as well. We have also set up package deals (including 4 prints for $14.95) in time for the holidays! All of our merchandise comes from high quality photo shop partners, and I have been extremely satisfied with everything I’ve seen to date.

The Gift Package includes one set of coasters (4), black mug,
canvas bag, calendar, and one 8x10 print with the photos
of your choice.

We have also been hard at work, creating new galleries (Washington, Colorado, and Yellowstone) and adding new photos to existing galleries. If you are curious what’s new, we have now set up a “New Photos” collection that can be found in the “Recently Added” section. Here you will find all of the new additions (not including photos in new galleries), so you don’t have to hunt around in older galleries you have already viewed. New images will be left in the collection for about a month so check in frequently!

Happy Holidays,